Saturday, June 30, 2018


 I Picked this Strain and named it Gelato Pak  Because i was High and i just Got put on with it i aint tried yet but the beat is Freshly bake from the sound riffs eclair icy flute  and the  invigorating 808s doin the magic that i provided with but i assure you this is no magic trick Twist One enjoy This Piece

Thursday, June 28, 2018


                                                  Welcome To Oakland
    As Soon as You Arrive to Oakland the Breeze and sunshine with pines, cypress, acacia, and  eucalyptus Trees leaving an aroma on yourself.  Welcome to My Side My Vision My Safe Land to Collision From Blinded Sided to SuperVision
People With Money while other is Penny Pinching Plotting and planing to take Food from while you out Fishing its a Cold World in that Town You Bets Grab your Mittens.
                                                            Peep Game Tho
Born In the 80s Raise in the 90s Era as a Soaked Music Sponge One of The Fun Things To Do Was Compare Music From the past to the future everything was being Listen to from Run Dmc Scarface
kool moe dee big daddy kane ice cube now for some town (oakland) artist You had Tooshort Dangerous Dame Cydal Goldie Ant Banks Dru Town The Delinquents Organize Crime The Luniz Seagram 187 fac Conscious Daughters 3xkrazy ,everybody had projects ,collabs, Compilations across the nation Slaps BBq Playing Bones Shooting Craps Music Videos Was Big Because you had to hire a real camera crew.

                Whip Game Moraculous


 Who Has The Best Munchies After Dinner ?

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

ELG Feat Smakk16 | elgmuzikgrewp

when you hear someething you like so you nt to ake it home and bottle it up so nobody else can he sweet sounds of it  this is not this tho BUTTTT!!!!!! ITS A FIRE