Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Biggest Comeback Of 2018 Big Draco Aka Soulja Boy Sons Drake ... Drake?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!

soulja Boy has his on electtronics soulja watch  dot com soulja boy the Movie  tells you about his life rise and fame and reentered the same whewn he had to to perforom the soulja boy Challenge t his home but 2019 is really his 2018 and with the whole drake thing stemmed from drake becoming the shang tusung of rap more so than draco but draco Son Drake Style from one of his Earlier Hits So Soulja Has Big Facts .
This Whole VErbal Melee started from tyga Being Praised For The Hit Single With Offset TO me the whole Complex of this situation  is Soulja Taking Down All Ymcmb Artist except for nicki and firing shots at the kardashion Fam and this shit is high larious andMypredicitions are Soulja BoyAbout  to take over Rap Game But what willhappen if 6ixnine gets Bailis is it going to be the same energy from when he was out  or is this just part of the plan to   

Friday, January 11, 2019

Bridge The Gap - Joe Blow

Joe Blow One OF the Aritst That still takes his craft serious as oppose to other artist that just make music and videos in their rural area Same Shots Same Etc From Traveling across the World To film Videos And Records Music Such as Germany London this MuhFucka Was in the Dessert Onna Camel!! BruH!....  lmao  .
Smoking Pounds of this Ig Live Yesterday  Listening Party

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

YOUNG DOLPH wasnt goin Some club Goer Try to Snatch Chains and get the beats

what is the successful percentage rate of snatching a high profile rapper chain in a pack club full of party goers players goons and securitys miami nights heat up with a flurry ofpunches hell towards failed snatcher  must check out the video .

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

ELG Gerabeno _ Walgreens (Free Tree)

 Get your Perscription in this description Titled Track Walgreens prod By E.L.G Gving You Music Uncannily With Perserved Futuristic Sauce Glazed On Such Electric Sounds as The 808 In Tangled Wiih Synth and hi hats Ticking in Such ways As A Yachtmaster Rolex but we all know rollies dont tick  
Initial Inspiration For the Track Cover Cripsy Premium Cvs walgreens bag Filled with all Kind of Medicating Doses of Dope Fresh Pack Of Honey Backwoods Exotic Fresh Tree Bussdown Pack Of Fronto Leafs any more explaining is Not Required    

Monday, December 24, 2018

Suge Knight 'American Dream American Nightmare (Documentary)

 Great interiview documentary Covers his life upbringing a better nderstanding of who marion suge knight is , and you see the intellect spewl

Sunday, December 23, 2018

ELG Gerabeno - That shit out

let yall figure out who i need to get on this futuristic junt  took 2 days to  keurig but the process was cool ,lave this on loop or play it again and again fully mix all sounds stock sauced up by me  rady for this game and ready to let people know how the feeliong of music suppose to be.

Gucci Mane and keyshia Ka'Oir Resembles Dragon Ball z Characters

What in the Trap Dragon Ballin Zzn is going on  Ol GuccY Mane And key key over there looking like bojack and zengya  Which Is Dope Tho  I wonder if this is where they got they drip from or the cospiriters think they still clones and somebody from japan dress them up like this woke up like this ? but its really only gucci  but key key do have same hair tho keep it solid >