Friday, September 6, 2019

#ASAPRocky's #Swedish #Lawyer #Shot in #Head and #Chest in #Stockholm

Swedish lawyer Henrik Olssen Lilja, who first represented ASAP Rocky during his assault case in the nation, has been injured in a Stockholm shooting.

As Forbes reports, Lilja was shot in the chest and head on Friday by an unnamed male assailant. Lilja reportedly called the police himself and was promptly taken to a hospital. Police have since arrested several suspects for questioning, although as of right now it's being treated as an isolated incident. Witnesses claim to have seen a person attack the lawyer and wrestle him to the ground in a stairwell shortly before he was shot at least twice.

One of the people brought in for questioning is a senior lawyer who was previously banned from contacting Lilja, although it's not clear why exactly that is. Other witnesses said a black SUV fled the scene with police in pursuit shortly after the shooting. As TMZ added, the incident took place just outside an apartment complex where Lilja is believed to reside.

His current condition is unknown, as is any possible motivation behind the shooting. It is believed that police have yet to capture the man responsible for the attack. Lilja was replaced by another legal team before Rocky's Stockholm trial started. The lawyer has previously represented the likes of Qiao Jianjun, a wanted fugitive in China who has been accused of embezzling millions.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

#ROCNATION GOT #WACK100 #Healing ???????? (Roc Nation Owes Money)

It seems like once a month we post a story with Wack100 calling someone out. Well tru to form, Wack100 is calling someone out. This someone is none other then Hip Hop Icon Jay Z. Wack is claiming that Jay Z and his company RocNation do not like to pay and that they owe him some big money. Wack claims he is tired of being lied to and wants his damn money. He also seems to insist that Jay Z and RocNation have a name in the industry for not paying people. Check out Wack100’s post below via Instagram speaking on this situation.