Sunday, November 18, 2018

Syko, Producer of Mac Dre's 'Thizzle Dance,' Reported Dead

Syko, the Seattle rapper and producer best known for producing Mac Dre's iconic hyphy anthem "Thizzle Dance," was killed in a car accident on Friday, Nov. 16, according to friends and fans posting on social media.

Many of those mourning the producer shared a KOMO News article about an unnamed man who crashed in Everett, Washington Friday. The Snohomish County medical examiner's office confirmed that death to KQED, and one of Syko's close friends, Darryl Reese, confirmed that Syko, real name Theophilus Adams, did indeed pass away yesterday.
Syko helped define the Bay Area's hyphy movement with his bouncy, bass-heavy production on Mac Dre's 2002 Thizzelle Washington album, including the ubiquitous "Thizzle Dance" and "Boss Tycoon." Syko's sound later inspired artists like Mistah F.A.B. and E-40 as hyphy, the Bay Area's best-known rap subculture, became a phenomenon in the mid 2000s.

In addition to his own production work, Syko was an advocate for other producers and underground musicians.
"People don't realize he was a champion of that sound," said Reese, who interviewed Syko for his podcast, The Glow Up, last year, where the producer spoke extensively about his work with Mac Dre. "That’s what always mattered to him, producers getting their credit."

"Don't define me by Thizzle Dance and Boss Tycoon," Syko wrote. "If I can make Drake dance on stage to my shit, I know I got some more work to do."


Juice Wrld sounds off about recent reports that Sting is threatening him with a lawsuit over "Lucid Dreams." He remains positive.

"Lost millions made millions," he typed on Twitter. "The song impacted [too] many [people] in a good way for me to be upset over it. There's always more money to be made and I will make it so
It was all good a few weeks ago. Now there appear to be issues between veteran rocker Sting and Juice Wrld over the Nick Mira-produced hit single "Lucid Dreams."

JW's track samples Stings's 1993 track "Shape of My Heart." On Saturday (Nov. 17), Mira hopped on Twitter and vented about the situation that is currently going on. "Fuck @OfficialSting and his WHOLE team," the Virginia producer typed. "After taking 85% of Lucid Dreams (for interpolating Shape of My Heart, NOT EVEN sampling) he threatened to take us to court for trying to get any %."

He also claimed Sting unapologetically bragged about taking their bread. "Sting ALSO flexed stealing our money and said it put his grandkids through collegeπŸ–•, Nick said.

He then urged his fans to troll Sting. "Everybody put a FUCKπŸ–•@OfficialSting in the comments if u real," he added.

The legendary U.K. singer previously praised "Lucid Dreams" calling it a "beautiful interpretation" of his song. Juice was ecstatic when hearing the compliment. "Shout out to Sting, that's the G.O.A.T. right there," said Juice, who even implied be he'd down to work with Sting in the future. "The goat. Greatest of all time," he added.
The song has been Juice's biggest hit to date, peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.
In other Juice Wrld-related news, he recently inked a global publishing deal with BMG.
Check out Nick Mira's accusations against Sting concerning his "Lucid Dreams" track on Twitter below.

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Stunna Girl ----------- (On The Radar) Sacramento Cs

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